Edgy and Boho giveaway!

Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet is having an Edgy and Boho Giveaway! Join now! 

Lacey Daisy

Wore this today. I was quite in a hurry and so I decided to wear something simple yet fashionable. Finally got to wear my lacey top my sister gave me, paired it with my white peep toe and to compliment the outfit, accessorized a bit. Glad somehow it worked. =)

Outfit of the day

Modern military inspired

Another week, another day, another busy Monday. I have lots of work to do, lots of things that I needed to catch up on, paper works, training sessions, household chores, reading work related mails, taking care of the baby and refresher courses. I sometimes feel that I am a superwoman, that is why every rest day I always make it to the point to catch up with sleep and rest. It's the only time to relax and enjoy. Monday is such a busy day for me, aside from continuing what I left on Fridays, but for me Monday simply means dress up day. I have to dress up in a bit smart casual because it's quite a demand in my position. You can't just wear a pair of flats in front of your trainees or a flat sandals, and as a trainer one must dress up at least a bit. Glad to have outfit shots again. Been missing this for the longest time. =)

OTD on a busy Monday! 

Little Nook giveaway

Another giveaway series of Aisa of Drowning Equilibrium and this time, major sponsor is Little Nook. I love the animal print mullet skirt and polka dot sheer top which is to be given away! Yay! Go for the giveaway!

Toxic Candy's First Anniversary Giveaway!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toxic Candy! They just turned one year and in celebration of their anniversary, they are having their first giveaway. Take note lots of prizes to be given away, plus thanks to their major sponsors who are generous enough to sponsored their giveaway. And here are my favorites! Love it! Hoping to win! These are just some of the prizes to be given away. See? So join now. Visit Toxiccandyaccessories

Just got Lucky

Sorry for the long hiatus. Been very busy with work and training these past few days ever since 2012 has started. Wasn't able to take outfit shots since my camera just gave up on me. I needed a new one. Anyways, remember when Biang of Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl in collaboration with Zenj had their holiday season giveaway? It was at that time when I was way too excited to join and so I did. I admit, I find myself unlucky when it comes to giveaway but when I received a tweet and an email from Biang, I couldn't help but get excited to the point that I kept on shouting and shouting because I was in extreme happiness. Phew! I just won a unique handmade neck piece and boy when I saw the email, I just couldn't help but feel overjoyed. I can't wait to land the item in my hands and wear it. And just this Monday, finally got the item. I'll post pictures soon plus me wearing the outfit with the neck piece in it. And so thanks Biang from Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl and Zenj for the item!

Accessories from Artcessories giveaway

One way to spice up an outfit is through accessorizing. Who doesn't love accessories? A true blue fashionista never fails to forget to accessorize and boy when it comes to accessories, I am guilty of it as well. I love accessories to bits! From hats to earrings, bracelets/bangles to necklaces to rings, name it; I have an accessory in every outfit of me.. For me, it somehow completes my outfit of the day. And in relation for the love of accessories, Aisa of Drowning Equilibrium is having a giveaway and up for grab are accessories from Artcessories, an online store that sells unique and trendy accessories. Visit Aisa's blog for the mechanics. 

Or you can visit Artcessories online store for more accessories to choose from.

Hebe Manila

Hebe (hee'-bee) is a rising fashion brand that caters to young Filipino Women, thus the name Hebe which refers to the Goddess of Youth. Hebe values uniqueness and creativity, offering exclusive designs without foregoing the luxury of quality and comfort. Our sole mission is to promote local handiwork and moreover, satisfy every young women's fashion needs.

My top picks:

My most favorite: 

And because I love Hebe at first sight, I will surely save up just to own these lovely pairs! And by the way, Aisa of Drowning Equilibrium is very generous enough to giveaway Hebe Manila's stuff! It may not be my favorite pair but the prizes to be given away is such a cutie! Join here: Drowning Equilibrium

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Getaway! It's more fun in the Philippines

I admit, I'm quite a late bloomer lady. And I don't rush myself in when it comes to the latest trend but I keep myself updated once in a while. Lately, DOT promoted their new slogan, "It's more fun in the Philippines!" A big "Yes" and I agree. Our passion to travel has always been in our family ever since. I grew up wanting and have been to many places mostly within the Philippines. If only I could post all the pictures here even way back when I was still in high school but some of our pictures were taken by film (boo). I realized that there are more to develop places here in our country but due to lack of resources and funds that is why they remain as is or just so so or worst, they remained unknown. We've been exploring a lot of places here in our country and there is so much of its destination that we can be proud of, to name a few like Palawan (Underground River, El Nido), Boracay (famous for its white sand beaches and water sports activities), Pagudpud, Camarines Sur, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol and a lot more. We must learn to love our own land for there are more to explore in our own country. I've been a living witnessed that we are blessed with great natural resources, and breath taking places that will surely make our vacation and relaxation meaningful. =) 

And because I love Philippines and I am a proud Filipino, here's my photo op in relation to the new slogan. 
Disclaimer: I'm not paid or sponsored or whatever to promote the new slogan or what, I'm simply doing this for the love of my country and personal interest. =)

Balenciaga Baby!

Up for grab is a Balenciaga bag! Yes!! You heard and saw it right, it's a BALENCIAGA Arena Giant City bag to be given away by Erika Mae at Fashion Chalet. So join now, and this bag might land in our hands! =) Good luck ladies!

2012 with a broken heart

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I admit, this is an expired blog post but it's better late than never. I wanted to make a difference because somehow as I checked the updates of the bloggers that I followed, exactly on NYE, they were posting their 2012 blog posts. And this will be quite different. If you're going to ask me how my NYE was, I can say that it's unusual. If everyone had fun during their NYE, mine, I had my heart broken. While everyone is busy for their Noche Buena (feast) or preparing the fireworks, I was busy crying and weeping and bawling. I welcome 2012 with a broken heart. Sad to say, it's as much as I want to forget that my heart was broken, moving on and letting go really takes time. Even up to now, I am still in the process of denying that my relationship with my boyfriend for 4 years has ended. I am still fighting for my relationship, trying to save everything, but then the other person already gave up.

Honestly, I am still healing as of this moment. I admit, the pain is excruciating. There are times that for no reason at all, I felt like crying and suddenly, without me knowing, tears are already welling up my eyes and they're starting to fall, tears per tears. I won't give up without a fight but what if the person whom you're fighting for already gave you up that easily, that the person I'm holding on to has pushed me away. Will you still choose to stay or rather it's time for you to go away? 

I gave up. I wanted to hold on to my relationship, trying to settle it, giving it another try but it's going to be useless. I love him so much that I have to set him free. I don't know how long will I feel this pain but I cling and hold on to GOD that I know someday, this pain will be gone. That I no longer have to suffer for I have sacrificed enough. I prayed and prayed and prayed every single day, I talked to GOD every single hour, every single minute, every moment that I have. As much as I don't want to think about it but I just can't help. Every memory, every moment, everything reminds me of him, of us especially that our love have been blessed with a little angel. 

All I ever wanted is a complete family. Born and raised in a family oriented parents, I was taught that the great foundation is our family. And now, it hurts the most that my dream of having one has perished. Seeing my relationship torn apart has greatly affected me the most. I can pretend that I am okay, I can keep it all by myself, but at times, especially when I am alone, I can't help but cry, a lot. I have so much bitterness and hate in my heart and I want to clear it out once and for all.

Prayers. I badly needed GOD to help me go through with this pain that I am feeling. I needed your prayers for GOD to give me strength so that I could move on and let go with it. I could no longer take the pain.

So for the boyfriend-who-broke-my-heart and for the girl-that-you-chose-over-me, hope you both are happy. I hope our common friend, KARMA won't hurt you. And as for 2012, I'm looking forward to a better me, together with my little one, bright career, and a better future. 

Time heals a broken heart. A scar in my heart taught me a great lesson in love. To let go and let GOD.

I welcome 2012 with a broken heart yet I'm hoping this year won't end still with a broken heart but with an open mind and a forgiving heart. I'll try to think positive thoughts and keep myself busy if possible. And to end this one, whatever tragic experiences that we are facing, someday, somehow, there will come a time that everything will be alright, in GOD's perfect time. 


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