Bringing bad news

Today was really one of the busiest day at work. Everyone seems to be so stressed earlier when agents from Boulder turned over their boards and inbound calls to us. Handling 2-3 branches is tolerable but 6 branches? That is very toxic. Take note, in 1 branch I had 3 directed callout and a lot of calls that needs to be covered ASAP. (yes - immediate coverage). Anyways, I know you guys can't relate to my field of work so I'm putting this aside.

Moving on, yesterday I spoke with my mom, she said my dad is about to resign this December, not because he wanted to but because a new memo has been released by their HR that those employees who are 60 years old and above has to resign. My dad felt sad about the news, I mean he's not old enough but then he still wants to work. He doesn't want to just stay at the house and do nothing. I felt sad at the same time happy. Sad because he still wants to work, we still have lots of responsibilities to attend to, and happy at the same time because at his age, they are supposed to be staying at the house or travel around the world or simply do nothing but enjoy life. It's at their age wherein you will actually look back your achievements. I just don't know how to react in such. I guess this is it, we can't do anything but accept the fact.

On the other hand, I blogged in my Tumblr that I'll be visiting Forever21's store yesterday, but sad to say, I felt lazy so I decided to just stay in the Foodcourt. I ordered Takuyaki and a 16 oz Sago't Gulaman. I was pigging out. And also yesterday, I lost my interest in starting a fashion blog. It's not because I'm lazy to create a new account but because my boyfriend discouraged me. He said I don't fit in because I'm not really born to be fashionista, I have lack of resources and my style is too laid back to be labeled as such. I just don't know why he said that, is it because he's way too honest or maybe he just don't want to support me. I don't know but I told myself, fine, he's right, he has a point and maybe I don't need to force and pressure myself in fashion world. Well, just to gain more courage, I told myself that you don't have to create a fashion blog just for the whole world to see that you are into fashion, as long as you have confidence in yourself then that's it. Period.

Well, I guess I just have to deal with it. I guess...

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