Nuffnang Experience

I was checking my mails when all of a sudden I remembered I signed up to nuffnang. I checked my account if it's still existing and to my surprise, yes it still exists. Without further hesitation, I updated my account and added my 2 active blogs, this one and my tumblr account. I had numerous blogs from different sites but then so far these are the only blogs that is updated. I haven't checked nor visited the others. I had a hard time understanding on how to post the ads, you have to edit the HTML layout and as far as I can remember, I was way back in high school the last time I reviewed about HTML stuff. It was really an epistaxis moment for me. But then thank GOD, they have a very helpful tips with images on how to add those code in the HTML layout. I had to sort everything out and hope I did the right thing. When I saw the preview, I was like saying to myself "Oh! Finally.. Nuffnang it's nice to see you.." It's been like months since I heard about Nuffnang. Promotions and advertised from different bloggers that I've followed and from the blogosphere itself. Due to my curiosity I signed up without reading the terms and conditions. But anyways, since I had all the time in the world earlier, I took my time reading their terms and agreements. I just understood their terms just now after months of signing in their account.

Anyways, so much for all the talk. What matters is that I was able to update my account and at the same time, and I can see their ads in my pages already. Glad to be part of them. My next step, is to be part of their Glitterari, it's like a VIP for members. Looking forward in 4 days to be part of it.

I guess that would be all... Just want to share my Nuffnang experience.

PS: I am so excited for my flight tomorrow to Cebu!! I can now finally see my family!! :) ♥♥♥

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Star said...

Signed up there too but I already forgot the details of it.. hehe! By the way, you have an interesting & nice blog here.. Keep it up! God bless


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