Post Arrival

Finally!! Home sweet home!! I am so overwhelmed. After 5 months since the last time I visited here and a year since the last time I stayed here. I admit, I missed everything. I was so surprised when my mom granted my request, she bought me Shrimps served for dinner. It was like a year since I last ate those and I was really pigging out. Sorry but I just can't help.

Anyways, I was thinking I should be blogging everything that happened in my stay here. I mean for the longest time of being away from my family, every treasured moments should be captured. And starting tomorrow, I'll be taking pictures of myself and my family and our dogs too. This ain't Day One, 'coz this is just a post arrival blog. I was just here for like hours so let's take it into consideration. :)

Well, it's really getting late and I'm still wide awake. I miss spending out this late in my room, nothing important is going on but definitely you'll catch me surfing and blogging and some other stuff I normally do when I'm bored.

My mom and I had a little conversation, but then I thought it would end that easily, but I was really having the longest conversation with her. I was really sleepy and my eyes were like twitching but then I still managed to actively listen to whatever she says. I'm spending my maximum time here with my family. Anyways, thank GOD, I was still in my concentration in paying attention to her.

Our dog Butchow could no longer recognized me because he was way 3 months the last time I saw him and for sure, he's not familiar with me since I've been away from them. I didn't see him growing up. But so far, I was trying to reach out and now, we're like so so.. Quite okay but manageable. :)

I guess I have to end up here. I am so damn sleepy.. Till here guys. :)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my elder sister.. May you have more birthdays to come and never ending blessings that GOD would pour on you.. :)

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