For the love of Shoes

Retention payout is fast approaching, and my pay is enough for me to pay the bills and have a little extra cash for my wants. I made a list on what to with my retention payout, and as I made my list, I was thinking whether to buy a shoes or a flats or perhaps a new sandal. But because for me, I feel so comfortable just by wearing flat sandals or simply flat shoes and sneakers. Then, all of a sudden, I was thinking of VANS or Renegade Folk brand of shoes. While visiting themall in StyleBible, I saw this cute gray suede leather boat shoes, it caught my attention, and I love it. But then on the other hand, at the back of my mind, I always love to buy a new pair of Vans and when it comes to the colors, I had trouble deciding which is which. For now, these are the 3 colors that I have in my mind. I still have to weigh things out whether to buy or not to buy. Anyways, so far, these are my personal choice of shoes to buy and I just don't know if I will surely buy these shoes because I might changed my mind. let's just wait and see.

PS: What can you suggest? Vans or the Renegade Flats? And what color? Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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