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Retention payout came out already! They are super duper excited and I on the other hand, is not really that excited. Though, it's a quite a huge amount but since my stats are wrecked, got a so so pay, not too exciting for me. Anyways, but still I'm thankful to have such payout. I'm looking forward in buying new stuff, like shoes, clothes, bags and accessories at the same time, I was thinking whether to deposit my savings or not. I still don' t know what to do with it.

Since I had an extra cash from the payout, I went shopping online. My primary purpose is to canvass and not to buy anything since I still have to pay for the shipping fee. But since I was really tempted to buy new clothes, here is my online buys for this week. Take note, for this week only, because SM Cubao is having a sale yesterday 'till October 3, so I told Mingming that we should drop by and pay a visit. Shopping is very tempting and I just can't help it.

Here's my online buys for this week:

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