Trick or Treat

Trick or treat! HALLOWEEN is way fast approaching. And not to mention the boom of the spooky, creepy and horror flicks, halloween parties - all dressed up in their scariest costumes, and lastly pumpkins. Why pumpkins? Well, everytime I hear the word "Halloween" the first thing that pops out my mind are orange pumpkins. Anyways, forget about those pumpkins because aside from Halloween itself, it's also the celebration of All Souls and All Saints day, time to visit our dead loved ones in the cemetery or for those who were cremated, well, we simply remember and pray for them. We may not have a Halloween party at work and I may not be able to wear those scary costumes and spooky outfits but I tell you, I'm looking forward to try it one day. :)

Speaking of pumpkins, here's a pic of me with a pumpkin

More pumpkins:

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