FlipTop + shopping

Yesterday, I blogged about my latest online buys, and the bad news here is that I still have to wait for tomorrow for me to be able to pick up the items. I am super duper excited to take a picture of myself wearing those items.

Moving on, yesterday, I did mention that SM Cubao had their 50% Off Sale, since yesterday was Mingming's rest day, without further hesitation and just as he promised, we went to SM Cubao; we all know for a fact that men are not really into shopping so he suggested that he'll just wait for me at French Baker while he will just make use of the high speed internet wifi. I was really really happy, complete freedom, I can buy anything I want without worries as to what he will say. I did left him there and went on shopping for about 3 hours, yes 3 hours of shopping, that includes taking my rounds from clothes, to bags, accessories to shoes and not to mention the long wait for the fitting room and all. Thank goodness they have plenty of cashiers that saves time to wait for the que.

Anyways, when I came back to French Baker, Mingming introduced me to this FlipTop which is considered as Rap Battle League. As far as I've remembered, I've had an idea about FlipTop through Saab Magalona in one her inspired blogs. And since out of curiosity, Mingming made me listened and watch via Youtube. I was super amaze by the contestants and how they could easily throw some insulting yet funny words through rap. Some may hit below the belt, some words may break their bones but then they continued to battle despite all the funny insults and discrimination. This made me realize how smart and talented a Filipino is, amazing how they can easily make up and throw back the insults being thrown by them. The words they have usually rhymes in the end but funny how they could make fun of each other. You need to have a strong heart and mind because they will criticize down to every bit of you, they will look any faults and might actually throw it against you. So in this fight, one should never give up, one should never cry and one should always have something to throw back 'coz if not, then you're no good, you're a big LOSER.

Hugs and kisses everyone!

PS: I wonder if there are any females who usually battles Fliptop. Who knows I might be the first one. LOL..

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