The only SALE that won't last forever...

Linen romper with belt at Php 469.00

Gray Vest @ Php 469.00

I admit I'm not really a signature brand type of girl, I seldom pay a visit or I only visit these highly expensive boutiques that is if I feel like dropping by and I usually end up leaving the store empty handed. How pathetic it may sound but I prefer thrift finds. You see, I'm very practical; for me you don't need to buy all these expensive signature stuff just because you wanted to be labeled as fashionista or be part of the elite, sometimes, we need to reinvent out from simple thrift finds and its about confidence baby!

But that excludes Forever21, I am really a huge fan of theirs. I love their collections ever since, and now it excites me much because they are having their 50% SALE (selected items) and 10% off for those who can present SM advantage cards and BDO Shopping rewards card, and there's more, they have promos if you use your credit card. Geez, this is the only sale that won't last forever because there are thousands of Forever21 fanatics just like me who will rush to the store to grab those selected items up for sale. Yikes, and the sale would happen on the day of our salary payout, that only means TEMPTATION for me to spend my salary just for that sale. But I need not to be carried away, I have to be very calm and not to be an impulsive buyer because speaking of holidays, its getting near and I have to save money for gifts and all.

I do hope I can drop by on the day of the sale and this time I must not leave the store empty handed. I do hope.. See you there fellow bloggers!

PS: You can check their facebook fan page here: FOREVER 21 (Philippines)

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