The summary of Day 1 and Day 2

Okay, forget about day one and two. I was about to blog yesterday which is day one but last night I was so tired and sleepy so after checking my Facebook, I turned off my laptop and slept. I woke up late and by the time I woke up, I then checked my Facebook and created a new look in

I was way too busy with Facebook and Looklet till all my time was consumed. But it's not that worst. Around 3pm till 11pm I stayed in my parents room talking with my mom or if not in our kitchen and you'll catch me eating. I was really pigging out during my vacation stay here. For sure, by the time I'll be back in Manila, I know I'll gain a lot of weight, but I don't care. Besides, I need to gain a little weight 'coz I look so thin or I feel so thin or the other way around.

Anyways, today is supposed to be Day 2 but then I think this is the summary of Day one and Day two. Yesterday was my sister's birthday. We celebrated her birthday by preparing something. We didn't invite other people but the only guests that we have is my sister's boyfriend and my brother's girlfriend. Not to mention my boyfriend 'coz he is still in Manila. I was the only one who doesn't have a pair but I'm all good. Besides, if Mingming was here, I don't want him to come because he also needs to spend time with his family since he's only here for a 4 days vacation too.

And so, yesterday, my mom prepared seafood and grilled pork and fish and squid, we had chocolate cake, Buko salad and a lot more. I was super duper full and I ate a lot, and it felt like it was holiday. Aside from that, we took pictures, we had family pictures, group pictures and couples too that excludes me. We had a "Headband day" also which simply means, aside from the birthday, we had a family picture wherein we all are wearing a funny and childish headbands. All of us wore even my father. I was really happy and so blessed to have a family like them. I thank GOD a million gazillion times to have a family like them.

HAPPY and BLESSED. Those are the words that could describe me. I was really happy because I was able to come home and spent time with my family, second because thank GOD we are still united and it's good to know that we are all complete. I thank GOD for that. I would never ever trade these moments and time to be with them. Like what they always say, "There's no place like home" and I would definitely would agree with that.

I'm glad to be home. Glad I was able to unwind despite all the stress and the stressors at work. I thank my manager/teamlead for allowing me to be here and be with my family. I know, there's nothing you can do but allow me. LOL..

I guess I have to end up here. By the way, tomorrow, I was planning to meet my girlfriends. I miss them and one of the reasons why I'm here is to see them as well. I miss my girls a lot. Hopefully all of them will come. I would expect that. I'm so excited and I look forward to meet them. I just can't wait.

Till here! Au Revoir!! XOXO

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