Movie Marathon

Yesterday Mingming and I had our normal routine Sunday afternoon. After my shift, since it's still too early to attend Sunday service, I went straight home and Mingming asked me what I wanted to do. He suggested to go watch a movie in my laptop since we still have pending downloaded movies that we haven't watch, so we decided to take a break and watched a movie.

Killers - Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher), is an undercover and a hired assassin whose quest is to kill European Locals. On the other hand, Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) a beautiful lady, who recently had her heart broken travelled to Nice with her parents. While on her way to the room, when the elevator door opened, she was stumbled and amaze to see Spencer who seems to be topless at that time. They exchanged smiles till they introduced each other. It was then that Spencer invited Jen for a dinner and she accepted. The two started dating, until Spencer decided to quit his job but then his boss disagrees with his decision 'coz they just don't quit that easily but what he did, he stopped and then he decied to marry Jen with the blessing of her parents. They live a normal life after that. Three years after, Spencer received an ultimatum from his boss about another job offer but he refused the offer. That's when their neighbors turned out to be their enemies and betrayed them because for a fact that Spencer is the target of a multi-million dollar hit. They suspected and can't trust anyone, and ran to save their lives and their marriage since they've been arguing because Jen didn't know what Spencer is up to and all his past or his real job is, all he thought that Spencer was just any ideal, Mr. Nice guy and the seemingly gentleman type but then it turned out to an undercover.

Grown Ups - It's actually a comedy about families, about a team reuniting after their coach died and after 32 years of being away from each other, how their lives turned out to be, how they deal with their wives and children, reminiscing the good old times. and spending out of their time being together with their buddies and their families. It was a hilarious movie. It was more like a free speech, as if they were just plain talking, teasing each other and all. The acting were all pretty natural. It's a must see movie for the family.

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