First time

They said there's always a first time for everyone and I sincerely believed that. This month I had my first's. November just started but GOD showered me with abundant blessings. Thank YOU so much LORD.. First of all, this month I had my first promotion, proud to say I'm no longer an agent but a Process/Lead Trainer for our account. Honestly, even up to now I still can't believe that I got promoted or was accepted, 'coz as far as I knew I was totally lost and I almost freaked out during the interview but good thing GOD is in control that is why I passed. Yipeee.. Second, I got my first facial care treatment or session, I am not really vain when it comes to my face, you can barely see me wearing make up and I am way too lazy to wash my face at night, but my face is not that worst. Anyways, my colleague and I decided to avail the promo of Flawless - Power of P999. It means facial treatment for 3 sessions is only for P999. And so, I decided to reward and pamper myself. I just found out that each session costs P550. So we were able to save Php699, not bad huh. Third, I bought an Ichigo heels. I admit I am the sneaker type of girl or I'm really into flats and slippers, and honestly, I've never had any high heels. Just this month, I was so curious to try heels so I decided to buy one. Well, I haven't used them yet but maybe soon. I'm just trying to find a perfect outfit. And lastly, I'm looking forward for my first full 13th month. I am super duper excited. Last year I had my 13th month but it was pro-rated, compared this month, I'll be able to get the whole payout. Wow! Ain't that cool and exciting for all my first? One thing I do hope and pray and I know GOD won't allow it, my first valid centertrack (oh GOD forbid).

Cheers for this month and have a long blast month!

PS: Care to share your first too? Looking forward to hear your firsts. :)

And to spice up this post, here are the pics of me and Chai at Flawless Megamall.

That's me.. Before the session:)

With my colleague Chai

Flawless Girls!

And by the way, this is the promo that we availed. :) The Power of 999


KD faustino said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog! hope u can come back soon!!! and congrats on the promotion dear! X

Sharina said...

Congrats on the Flawless deal! :) You two are so gorgeous.

itahl said...

@kd faustino - thank you so much for congratulating me for my promotion.. :) i will drop by in your site soon.. thanks

@ sharina - you have a nice blog and you are so charming.. yeah, I really did enjoyed the flawless deal.. thank you.. :)


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