ocean, Earth and Sky giveaway

Bloggers are generous people, they blog not just because they want to share their interests about fashion, food, places, and their daily life but they are also good in treating their followers with care and not to mention they are very thoughtful that they give free stuff and giveaways to their followers. I admit, I'm a hopeless follower in every blogger and I joined every giveaway, because these are free stuff. You know what I meant? You get to check out their fashion styles, follow them and in return they give you free stuff? Ain't that the sweetest thing a blogger could ever offer? And speaking of giveaway, Missing bee is having her giveaway and it's open for everyone. Honestly, I love skirt plus I love the fact that it's for free. And so I'm crossing my fingers that I do hope this time I'll be chosen as a winner..

Here's the link at her site for those who wants to win the stuff too.. :)

Missing Bee ------> Ocean, Earth and Sky Giveaway

And here's a snap shot of her giveaway:

And her sponsor:



ahh i love that skiiiiiiiiirt! :)

good luck to byou! :*

Sweet said...

lovely skirt...wishing that you win her giveaway...


itahl said...

@thrifty fashionista - yeah nice skirt. and you should join too.. :)

@ sweet - thanks dear.. I do hope I'll win the giveaway.. :) you should join too..

Fivyolen Qiu said...

goodluck to you :)

and i love your skirttt! adorable! :)

itahl said...

thanks fivyolen qiu for the comments.. by the way, it's not my skirt.. It's actually a giveaway from another blogger and you too can join.. Who knows you might win the stuff.. :) good luck

gingerSnap said...

loving the skirt.. I hope you win.
Kisses, and have a nice weekend!

Higgenbottom said...

that skirt is so cute! and i agree that bloggers are incredibly sweet!

itahl said...

hi gingersnap and higgenbottom, thank you so much girls for dropping by and also feel free to join the giveaway.. so that you guys can also win the stuff.. take care..

@gingersnap, thanks for the follow my dear. followed you back. take care

Diana said...

I hope you win!

itahl said...

hi diana,.. thank you so much for dropping by.. I do hope I'll be the announced winner of that giveaway, and ei feel free to join too so that you can also win the stuff.. :) good luck to you as well..

Shirley said...

thx for following, i just follow you back!
gud luck winning that giveaway!


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hahaha, what you're saying is true...there are indeed so many awesome giveaways out there. i wish i can give more actually...speaking of, i'm gonna' have an anniversary giveaway...watch out for that. *wink*

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Pop Champagne said...

love that skirt! it gives it such a fu nautical feel


i love stripes!! looks great
feel free to Follow Me xoxo

d.gap said...

hi there . following you already . hope you could follow me back .

flying kisses :)
ennaid .



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