The pointy red horn

Yesterday, Megamall had their trick or treat event, aside from the fact that it's Sunday, it is expected that the mall will be crowded, and yes indeed I was right. We went there late in the afternoon, and by the time we arrived in the mall, what amazes me is that kids were wearing their Halloween costumes to name a few there were the common Batman, Spiderman, Superman, princesses, angels, fairy and how can I forget the ever devil with the overused red headband horn. Honestly, I've never been to any Halloween parties or event ever since, that is why Halloween parties or simply trick or treat is not really a big deal for me. But then looking back yesterday, looking those kids in their perfect costumes and bringing their pumpkins full of candies, it made me look back and somehow wished that my parents should have exposed me and my siblings such as like these. I mean, at least for once I could dress up and portray someone.

But anyways, the other day Mingming and their team had a Halloween fever at work, their team decided to dress up like devils and witches. And when I came home, he scared the hell out of me at the front door wearing those red pointed horns in all black costume. I'm not really a chicken or what but because when I came inside the room, everything was dark and I couldn't see anything but when I closed the door he was there standing behind the door in his evil look face and devilish smile that somehow made me scream. And because of that, I did punch him. Good for him. LOL

Here's the picture of Mingming wearing his simple DYI costume made by their team. He doesn't look scary right?

And below is a picture of me in a wacky smile while trying the red pointed horns

And lastly, the sexy outfit shot of a modern devil -
(just kidding) I'm just making fun of his red horns.

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