The Ring

These days, I'm insanely crazy about rings and accessories. I'm supposed to be in my shopping ban but then I just can't help it. Everyday, I've been struggling not to buy these and that, and my boyfriend calls it "unnecessary" because he is very practical for some reasons like for example clothes, he once asked me why do I have to buy clothes every now and then when in fact I still have lots of clothes in my closet that I can use everyday? He finds it unnecessary and he calls it an expensive addiction. Well, I told him blame it on being a girl these are our own worries and simply our cravings, shopping is like our own brand of heroine, it makes us feel high. Agree??

Speaking of accessories, I ordered these rings online because I was looking for someone like this:
Aren't my babies so cute and adorable? Love it!

My Rainbow ring

Hello Kitty Black Resin Ring

Isn't it obvious that I am so addicted to Hello Kitty? They are the cutest. :)


jed said...

love the rainbow ring! where'd u get it? =)

I Am DollParts

itahl said...

hi sis... I just bought them at one of the sellers in facebook..

here's the link:!/profile.php?id=100000933678494


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