Giveaways are blessings!

Speaking of Ichigo, last month I bought a new heels from Ichigo and right now, I'm planning of buying a new pair of sandals from them. And you know what? Aisa from Drowning Equilibriums is giving out gift certificates of Ichigo worth Php600! Ain't that amazing?? I am up for that giveaway and since I'm still saving my money to buy a new sandals, I do hope I'll win the gc so that at least I can buy 2 items.. Weeeee.... Wish me luck! Do you want to win too? Visit Aisa's amazing blog and feel free to join besides, there's no harm in trying but happiness in winning. :) Yikes.

Ichigo GC's from Aisa (Drowning Equilibrium)

1 comment: said...

i am also planning to buy the brogues from ichigo , im glad i bumped into your blog because i didnt know about paxie's giveaway :)) care to visit my blog or follow me ? im already your follower . tc .

xo . ennaid .


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