Christmas party with my team

Speaking of Christmas, I believe it is everyone's favorite time of the year. It means never ending parties, feasts, get together, Noche Buena, and of course giving of gifts. Every year, each one of us has a party to attend to, and despite of me being away from my family, it doesn't stop me from receiving gifts. As a routine, our team decided to throw a party and celebrate on the 1st week of December. We planned to have another karaoke session at Eastwood, but sad to say, something unexpected happened that we had to change our plans to the last minute. Since everyone has prepared their gifts already, so we just decided to eat out. We went to Gerry's Grill to celebrate. It's been quite a while since I was with my team and honestly, I did miss them. I was late and by the time I got there, we then exchanged our gifts. Funny but true, the person who sent me the gift last year was Adrian and even up to now he is still the person who picked my name. My wishlist includes a satchel bag or a dress but because he knew satchel bags are very expensive so he bought me a gray cardigan. It was my first and I admit I love it. I will surely post a pic soon of me wearing it. Anyways, here's the evidence of our team's eat out parteeeey!

My teammates

With Lora a.k.a. "yot" - my closest teammate
Us Girls (left to right) Joyce, yours truly and Chai

Adrian's gift to me (aha it's you again)

And lastly my outfit shot: (sorry it's not that clear")

After the party I went straight to the office, with my blazer on it since sleeveless is not allowed


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