The Markdown Sale

Dear blog and bloggers, I'm really sorry for the hiatus. I've been terribly busy with my schedule preparing for the upcoming training and new trainees to train. As a trainer, I need to prepare myself on the topics that I will be discussed in 3 weeks time. Anyways, I'm still in the graveyard shift and I guess I'll forever be in that shift. My boss maybe wants to see me everyday, 9.5 hours a day, 5 times a week. And actually, I had less time to shop because I spent all my time sleeping. I lack of sleep these past few days, so I have to catch up for that. But during my day's off, of course, why would I spoil myself, I went shopping and shopping again. I'm actually in a tight budget but seriously, after all the hard work, I need to pamper and reward myself. Went to Landmark during their sale and boy I was so much amaze, the stuff there are very cheap. If only I could spend my entire payout I would surely do that, but then I have to limit myself from splurging because of my priorities. Thank GOD I no longer have credit cards because if I have one, I tell you I can't control myself from buying.

And here are the stuff that I bought during their 50% Sale! Ain't that tempting?



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yey! sale! i love sales! :D i love your picks. especially the top! its gorgeous!


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