Death by Platforms giveaway

Deathbyplatforms is having another giveaway and this time the winner will take home one of Gold Dot's December collection. I've visited their site and checked their items, I must say I love the Brandy boots, they're the coolest and one of a kind. I've never had a boots and I do hope this will be my first that is if I'll be the chosen winner (crossing my fingers).

Here's my top picks:

And FYI, if I'll be the chosen winner I'll get to win these stuff..

These are the coolest stuff!! I do hope I'll win these.. I'm totally loving it to the highest power..

PS: For those who wants to try their luck feel free to visit her page: Death by Platforms


AVA T. said...

Also joined!:) good luck to us!

Krystal Pearl said...

thanks ava.. so glad you drop by.. :) thanks for the comments.. :) good luck to us. :)

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Love for xmas giveaways hehe

GIVEAWAY: get a chance to win a Diesel bag at :)


Reg said...

good luck! :)


I.B.G. said...

Nice blog. I liked it! You should visit and follow my blogs. I am sure that you will like it! Thanks..

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with those shoes, haha. I saw ur blog on Chictopia ( I was the one who started it, ) and I am going straight to the follow button now! lovelovelove the blog, btw.

Krystal Pearl said...

thanks reg, IBG and lucy for the comments.. I've already visited your sites too.. :) thanks


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