My grown up Christmas list

6 more days to go and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! I just recently made my wish list, I guess it's never too late to make one so this is my last minute wish list. I did a lot of thinking recently if I could have them all but hey, it's a wish list, after all, I may not have all of them in an instant but I can still wait 'till next year. Or if someone so generous and kind to give this to me as a present. Well, thank you so much!! Lol.. Hooohooo. Santa, can you hear me? Anyways, I'm not yet done with Christmas shopping, though I started yesterday but I'm not yet done. Maybe soon. How about you guys? Are you done with Christmas shopping? Avoid holiday rush and enjoy every bit of your time. Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Vinda Sonata said...

the post title is really suitable for those gorgeous items:)

Le N said...

nice choices.!
Thanks for stopping by :D

Ellen ♥ said...

nice items! :) Merry Christmas! :)

Krisbliss said...

Never too late! I had 3 days off in a row (where I was supposed to to the rest of my Christmas shopping) and I ended up getting sick!! :(( So I'll have to do it sometime this week!

I actually hinted at a pair of sterling silver cross earrings, so we'll see if I get them! I like your wish list as well!!


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jed said...

hey.. hope you get what's in your wish list. gold dot have those cross connector rings, you might want to check them out. =) and oh, happy holidays too!

I Am DollParts

Krystal Pearl said...

@ vinda sonata - thanks my dear.. :)

@ LeN - you're welcome. thanks for dropping by too! :)

@ Ellen - thanks ellen. I love your blog. :) Merry Christmas! :)

@kris - sad to hear that. Get well soon kris.. Did you get your wish list? As for me, I'm still patiently waiting.. hahhaha

@jed - thanks for the info jed. I will surely check golddot. They have lovely stuff. :)


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