Lucky me!

Bestie of Capricious Club already announced the winner of her giveaway. And as I checked to see who won the giveaway, I was really surprised to see my name there. Weeeeeee.. I was totally speechless. My heart is jumping for joy and I was really shocked. Actually it's my first time to won such giveaway from my fellow blogger that is why I'm overwhelmed. Can you believe it, out from 139 entries and I was the lucky one who could take home that giveaway? Yipeee... I'm so happy. Thank you so much bestie for the giveaway. :) I'm so happy to be a follower of you. :) Keep it up! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

And yes, this is my name. :) Sweet.. :)


Nettie said...

Congratulations! :> And Merry Christmas

Alyssa :) said...

OMG. Congrats~! :) And merry christmas! That's a cool experience and a christmas gift!

LiezyL said...

merry christmas!!

Hazel said...

CONGRATS :) you're so lucky :D Merry Christmas ;D

Eunice said...

join my first giveaway! :)
merry christmas sweetheart! :)


congrats dearie!! vwow just in time for christmas! you are blessed <3

Reg said...

congratulations!!! :)


Chelsea Lane said...

yaaay I love that she drew all the names from a hat, how cute! congratulations for winningggg!


Aswathy said...

congrats dear!!you made ti!!!
my recent post diy-homemade-scrub

sPam said...

WOW So lucky. That give away was pretty sweet. Congrats!

Indeed a happy holiday to you :)

sPam of frou-frou


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