Ms. Style Council

There's nothing special about this post. I just wanted to share something that made me really really happy. Here it goes, ever since, I've always love Chictopia and even though I barely update my chicblog that doesn't mean I'm no longer active. I have less outfit posts because first, Mingming doesn't want or is way too shy to take photos of me and my outfit, second, I left my tripod in Cebu so there's no way I can take pictures of myself when I'm alone, third, I tried any other ways so that I can take a shot of myself but sad to say, it just won't work and lastly, I have limited clothes and shoes and accessories with me because all my stuff is at Cebu boo hooo!

And this past few days, I logged in to Chictopia and received a welcome note that I'm already part of the style council. OMG! I totally can't believe it! Seriously, Style Council? Wow, I am so amaze and I super duper thank the staff and VIP's of Chictopia for choosing me as part of their Style Council. I'll do my very best to update my Chicblog from time to time. I am overwhelmed and speechless even at this very moment. And by the way, look at my Chic points, I'm at 248 already. Yipeee...

Anyways, here's a snapshot of my profile pic in Chictopia

And for those who wants to add me as their friend in Chictopia, feel free to add me. :)
Just click the link ------> Candy_ytal's Chictopia
And if you like, I can be your favorite! Click this one below.. :)


Krisbliss said...

Congratulations girl! And thanks for the lovely comment! Cool blog! :D

Ania B said...

aww so good! congratulations <3
I feel like i will be a new user till the end of time lol. Hope you can take outfit photos again

Sophia (my visual illusions) said...

You have a very funny header!


Krystal Pearl said...

thank you so much girls for dropping by and thank you so much for all the lovely comments.. :) followed you already! take care

Eden said...

congratulations for such an amazing opportunities! enjoy chictopia!


Krystal Pearl said...

thank you eden.. :)


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