Break Free

Finally, got the chance to make a blog post. I know it's been quite a while since my last one. Been very busy with online project. There's more to life than blogging, true to that. Anyways, despite the hectic schedule, glad I was able to squeeze in a little 5 minutes of my time for an outfit shot, but truth be told, it took me more than five minutes for me to have a close to perfection outfit shot and pose. Brown palette's all over me and by looking at it, I realized I look like an old brown tree. Agree? *Lol

 Top: Trump, Leggings: Divisoria, Heels: Ichigo, Bag: CDO bazaar, Necklace: mom's gift, Shades: bazaar in St. Francis

I admit this bag is one of my favorite bag of all time. 

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