Here comes the Bride

As I've mentioned in my last blog posts, my week will be busy as ever in preparation for my sister's wedding. It was just a simple wedding, not as grandeur or what you think it is. They only invited their closest friends and relatives. Finally, my sister bids goodbye to Braga as her last name or surname, she's already Rojas dated as of January 26, 2013. Gosh, I'm not used to of her having that as part of her name. Anyways, best wishes for them, hopefully, they will stick together through thick and thick, through sickness and in health, till death do they part as they vowed it before the LORD.

Only had few shots because I went there late, as I did the finishing touch of the giveaways. Wasn't able to prepare much, cramming as always but glad it turned out well. That's what you call grace under pressure. This is not the final pictures, these are just snapshots from my boyfriend's camera.

Best wishes sister Mye and Bingbong!! Love you both!! Mwaaaahugs!

The sleepy ring bearer. 

lacey dress: Bangkok, shoes: Parisian, watch: Bangkok, necklace: bought it in Gaisano Grand Mall, bracelet: Azylim

The newly weds!! Congrats!! 


Eden said...

hi KP! i just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment:) its been awhile but its good to know some readers still look forward to my posts... and hey, congrats to the sister! I got married recently too and its different, i can tell you:)


Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Hi Eden,

Glad you came by! Congratulations too because you just got married! =) Best wishes my dear. =)


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