That summer feeling!

The weather's back to normal. So that means, I can wear heels again. I barely wear heels every time there's a low pressure or upcoming storm because for safety purposes. It's hard to walk in heels especially if the floor is way too slippery (we never know). So it's always better to play safe rather than feel sorry in the end. Wore this because I thought it will rain again but to my surprise, saw the sun shining this morning. Yey!

This past few days I was very relax and stress free from work. The first phase of my online project just finished, and my boss told me that we will be back mid week of March. Done submitting the reports and the audit details and that means, vacation starts now!

So expect updates and fresh blog posts from me this week because I will surely keep your eyes busy by reading my posts on a daily basis. Happy that I would be able to update my blog from time to time and more time for outfit shots! Happy as a kid!

So here's to the outfit for the last day of a rainy weekday! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Great outfit!!!

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thanks dear! =)


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