Native land

While my sister's away I've been sneaking into her room couple of times or so just to borrow some few things. Ever since she got married, things are a bit different. I rarely see her and my nephew. Every time I go to her room and rummaging her closet, I sometimes end up wearing her unused clothes that's been stuck for like forever. That's what I love about having a sister, you get to borrow things and vice versa and good thing we're almost at the same size and built, so no pressure at all.

And just like any other day of sneaking out into her room, I found this sort of vintage unique dress which is by the way perfect for this cozy weather. Without having any second thoughts, I grabbed the dress and put it on. I just love how comfortable it is. And because its been raining so hard this past few days, I opted to wear flats for safety reasons.

PS: I will be visiting my college buddy who just gave birth yesterday. Congratulations mirror! Welcome to the Christian world Athena Marybelle Borinaga-Domocol!! 

My dress kinda looks like I came from a native tribe. I just love the design of this dress! Too unique! =)


Linnie Tam said...

hey! This is sucha cute outfit, love all the brown tones :D


Anonymous said...

Love the dress!!!

joy said...

Very nice dress:)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you @Linnie Tam! =)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thanks a lot Stella! =)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Ms. Joy - thanks a lot! =)


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