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Been very busy and lazy lately. I admit, I haven't bonded with my kid for the longest time and I resigned from my previous online job. I don't know, I haven't really found something that I'm passionate about. I'm confused, stressed and frustrated at this point. And to add this frustration, people were even spreading gossips about my family. And take note, none of them were true. And the worst part is, my own relatives from my father side are the ones spreading gossips from our neighbors. We didn't do anything to them, we barely talk to them too because we know how to mind our own business, we are too busy to create and spread such gossips, and call it aloof, but we never have the luxury to mingle or interact with them because of how busy and how hectic our schedules are. Honestly, we're not the bad people but they keep on making stories and people believe them, but my family remained quite about the whole issue. We don't want any fight nor make a big fuss about it. Small people talk about other people and we don't think like that, we don't act like them. We don't make stories just to be famous nor win someone. My family and I knows and GOD knows that all of the gossips and all the negative stories that they were telling the people are all lie. I still believe in karma, may GOD BLESS their souls.


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