Kryszie, your girl next door

Saladbox, BDJ box and Glamourbox sounds familiar? If yes, Kryszie is not new to you.

Who is she? Kryszie is a beauty and lifestyle subscription. But what differs her from the rest? She caters all your lifestyle needs from head to toe. Not only she provides you with the latest beauty product there is in the market, she will make you on top of all the latest fashion trends.

Choose from their available plan, monthly, 6 months starter and annual. Plus, you get to cancel your subscription anytime. No obligation or fees to maintain. And they offer free shipping too!

Who says beauty needs to be expensive? With Krysie, fashion knows no price, no limit and affordable.

They make sure every box is unique, every items were specially made for you!

Soon to launch! Watch out for that! Sounds interesting, ayt?

Here's a sneak peek of a sample box they have:

PS: This is only a sample of the items that you will be receiving. Not the exact items though. 


Bella Francisca said...

this seems interesting. nice post! visit back my blog :)

Missing Bee

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you Bella.. Visited your blog already.. Take care sweetie! =)


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