What's in my bag?

Ever wonder what's in my bag? Honestly, I'm not a big fan of purses because I carry a lot of things especially if I bring my baby with me. I tell you, a boho bag or a big bag is what I need. I don't like diaper bags and I don't even own one so I try to fit everything in my bag from diapers to milk and from my make-up kit down to my wallet, everything are well arranged accordingly so everything would be in a perfect place. But just like any ordinary days, here's what I always bring with me inside my bag.

1. Wallet - this is where I put all my credit cards and ID's.
2. Hello Kitty coin purse
3. Eyeglasses (yeah, I have a poor eyesight)
4. Garnier whitening face powder (just recently used this since I wanted to give it a try. But I still prefer Maybelline. 
5.Bath and Body Works - Sweet Pea
6. Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer (got this from my Saladbox - October 2012 subscription)
7. Ethyl Alcologne from Mckenzie and Jones
8. Beauty kit

9. my Blackberry 8520 and Nokia500. 
10. Keys 
11. Ipod (my dad's gift after graduating college)
12. Hello Kitty baby wipes
13. my neon yellow sunglasses
14. Doublemint for fresher breath
15. Comb
16. My notebook and Gtech ballpen (I am fond of writing my must do's and reminders for myself)

 Inside my beauty kit includes: 

1. Eyelash curlers from Nichido
2. Whiteflower
3. Carmex strawberry lip balm prevents dry and chapped lips
4. Lancome Rough Flamboyant lipstick
5. Burgundy Color Full smooth color lipstick (got it from my mom)
6. Off lotion 

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush (need to buy a new one)
2. Tempting Lustre Eye shadow from MAC (won from Bestie of The Capricious club giveaway)
3. Sample size of Plum Lovin Virginia Olsen (included in my Oct. 2012 subscription in Saladbox)
4. Garnier whitening face powder

Hope you enjoyed it! So what's in your bag?


Olya said...

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Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you dear! Returning the favor. Followed you back via Bloglovin! =)


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