Went to Bureau of Internal Revenue to attend a seminar but was cancelled to the last minute without notice or any reason why. Government office's are busy due to holiday rush and because of that I might be able to attend the seminar perhaps next year. Though it's not an urgent seminar that it's going to be between life and death but it's something beneficial to our business and for the future years to come. Added learning and a great way to learn something new before the year ends. Oh well, looking forward as to when they planned to reschedule it. So here's what I wore. I wanted to look simple yet stylish.

top: bought it in Gaisano Mactan
half pants: G2000
bag: satchel bought it in Chatuchak market in Bangkok
flats: bought it in a bazaar in Eastwood

Happy holidays everyone! 


Liezyl Gomez said...

love your shoes!

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

thank you Liezyl. Bought it for 150Php bazaar sa Eastwood. =)

Julie said...

Cute bag


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