Thank you, 2012!

2 more days and 2012 is over. This year made a big difference in my human existence. I made a lot of big mistakes, bad moves and struggles that I encountered throughout the year. I can hardly remember the good ones that happened but what matters is somehow I managed to survive the trials that I had to face. It made me realized that I need to organize my life now that I'm back in Cebu for good. I made a lot of wrong decisions and glad that I learned a lesson out from it. So here I am looking back to the craziness 2012 has brought me.


If you can still remember, I welcome 2012 with a broken heart.  It was tough but somehow I was able to make my days sunny no matter how heavy my heart was. 

 Zambales getaway!

- Went to Tagaytay with my trainees: Carl, Shiera and Kathleen

Went to Subic/Olangapo 

My parents 28th Anniversary 

My BFF's first Manila trip


 I submitted my resignation, ended my career as a Lead Process Trainer.

with Bhe - my co-trainer

Wacky with my last batch of trainees - love them! 

They made my last days a memorable one! I love them all! 

Goodbye workstation

Went back to Cebu for a short vacation

Reunited with friends


Went back to my hometown in Cebu for good. 

My 25th birthday at Lantaw with family and in-laws


My trip to Bangkok, Thailand

My Singapore trip

Went to Cagayan de Oro and Dahilayan Bukidnon

And of course, how can I forget my Sagada trip?

And my baby's 1st bday


Get together with old friends and my Edge coaster experience 

High school friends reunion

So here's to 2012! Looking back, it wasn't that bad after all. I made such memorable trips! Looking forward as to what lies ahead for 2013! Before ending 2012, I am thankful, contented and happy with all the blessings that GOD showered me this year. How 'bout you guys? How was your 2012? 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Thank you, 2012!


joy said...

Dropping by for the first time . It seems that you have a wonderful blog. Happy new year.

Liezyl Gomez said...

awww, ang dami mong nabisitang lugar!

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you Ms. Joy for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and looking forward to your next visit. =) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Hahahha that made me realized I made lots of memorable trips this year and hoping for more next year! =) Thank you Liezyl! =) HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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